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What Is Binocular Vision?

The American Academy of Optometry stresses the importance of knowing how your eyes work. That way, you can understand how to care for them better.

How Is Double Vision Treated?

Double vision, or diplopia, is a condition where the eye sees two images when looking at a single object. In some cases, double vision can be a temporary issue.

How Does Dry Eye Irritation Change by Season?

Most people worldwide experience dry eyes. The condition occurs when the eyes cannot produce adequate or quality tears to remain moist or lubricated. Factors such as aging, medical conditions like thyroid disorders, and some medications contribute to dry eyes. However, one of the most overlooked factors is seasonal changes. 

How Often Do I Need a New Eyeglass Prescription?

Your eyes are the most important and utilized of all your five senses. They help you navigate the world safely without knocking and bumping into things. When something is affecting your vision, like myopia or hyperopia, you may be severely disadvantaged. Many people who wear eyeglasses know how this feels firsthand.

Causes and Symptoms of Double Vision

Double vision, or diplopia, is usually a temporary problem. However, it could also signal a more significant health condition. Several conditions and issues in the eyes and body can cause double vision. So, it is best to examine your eyes immediately when you notice any visual changes. 

What Is the Process of Getting Contact Lenses?

Contact lenses are ideal for people who want a convenient vision correction option. The process of getting contact lenses differs from that of getting eyeglasses. It is different from a regular eye exam because it has additional steps. It involves a good candidate for contacts and includes lens fitting.

How Does a Diabetic Eye Exam Differ From a Regular Eye Exam?

If you have diabetes, annual comprehensive eye examinations will help protect your eyes from sight-threatening conditions. Diabetes prevents the body from storing and using sugar properly. This can lead to high blood sugar that can damage blood vessels throughout the body if left uncontrolled, including those in your eyes. 

What Is Conjunctivitis (Pink Eye)?

Conjunctivitis is an eye infection that causes inflammation of the conjunctiva. The most common causes of pink eye are allergens, bacteria, and viruses. Other causes include contact lens wear, fungi, indoor and outdoor air pollution, chemicals, foreign objects in the eye, parasites, and amoeba. 

Distinguishing Between Dry Eye and Ocular Allergies

Dry eyes and ocular allergies are some of the most common eye problems that cannot be solved using prescriptive eyewear. The two conditions usually confuse people because they have very similar symptoms. Both cause itchiness in the eyes, a stinging sensation, and soreness. 

What Is the Process of Getting Prescription Glasses?

According to studies, three out of four people require vision correction to some degree. This statistic is shocking to most people, but it makes sense. Consider that many babies already have poor vision at birth. Add to that the time people spend staring at digital screens today, loss of focus flexibility, and the effects of age. It is clear why approximately 75% of people need prescription lenses.