Contact Lenses

X-chrome Contact Lenses

X-chrome contact lenses are specialty contact lenses for those that have red/green color blindness as a vision problem. A deep red x-chrome contact lens is worn in the nondominant eye and intensifies the color of red and green objects. This allows the nondominant eye to provide information to the brain about the colors it couldn’t see before. Read More...

Scleral Lenses (Large Diameter Lenses)

Scleral lenses are custom large diameter gas permeable lenses that are used in the management of a variety of eye conditions. They are called “scleral lenses” because they rest on the sclera, the white part of the eye. They are also known more colloquially as “large diameter lenses”. Read More...


Orthokeratology (Ortho-k) is the design and fitting of special gas permeable contact lenses that gently reshape the clear front surface of the eye (cornea) while you sleep, so you can see clearly without lenses during the day. Read More...

Wave Contact Lenses

A lens that nearly mirrors the cornea for the most precise and comfortable fit available. More info here.​​​​​​​


A lens that has the superior visual acuity of a rigid lens with the comfort of a soft contact lens. Dr. Panzer has Synergeyes Regular, Synergeyes for Keratoconus, Synergeyes Post surgical, and Synergeyes Bifocal! More info here.

Ciba Focus Night and Day

Extended wear.

Bausch and Lomb Pure Vision

Extended wear. More info here.

Bifocal Hard and Soft Lenses

For those who wear bifocal eyeglasses, ask Dr. Panzer about bifocal contact lenses. Dr. Panzer specializes in the fitting bifocal contact lenses and would be happy to answer any questions you might have.

Kerasoft Lenses

Bausch + Lomb KeraSoft IC lenses are designed to fit irregular corneas, including keratoconus, post laser refractive surgery, pellucid marginal degeneration, and other corneal irregularities. Each KeraSoft IC lens is custom-made for your exact needs, and KeraSoft IC lenses can offer increased wear time and improved comfort. KeraSoft IC lenses are a patented combination of the latest technologies in silicone hydrogel materials using geometries from complex mathematics to offer comfortable wear and excellent vision.

Hand-painted Lenses

We also offer special hand-painted contact lenses for disfigured eyes.