What Is Binocular Vision?

The American Academy of Optometry stresses the importance of knowing how your eyes work. That way, you can understand how to care for them better. Like snakes and wolves, humans have binocular vision. Here are the details you need to know about the way you see the world. 


What Binocular Vision Is


You see what your brain processes. Research shows that your brain receives signals from both of your eyes. Each eye receives information differently. But if you have good binocular vision, your brain can use the information differences in coordinating eye movements. 

Your eyes are both in front of your face. This structural advantage gives you binocular vision. Since both eyes are facing forward, the view from each is a little similar. The fields of vision from both eyes overlap. The brain processes what each eye sees and produces one detailed view. 


Causes of Binocular Vision Loss


Statistics reveal that binocular vision problems are common. These issues are often linked with symptoms such as blurred vision, eyestrain, and sometimes, double vision. Here are some of the causes of binocular vision reduction or loss:

  • Issues with the brain when it comes to comparing images from each eye

  • Decreased vision in one eye

  • Strabismus or loss of eye movement coordination between your eyes


Diagnosis and Treatment for Binocular Vision Problems


Your eye doctor will give you an optometry exam. This is especially important during early childhood. Babies must have a comprehensive vision exam at age one. Surgery, corrective eyeglasses, or vision therapy can correct binocular vision issues.


The Importance of Binocular Vision


Clinical studies reveal that binocular vision allows you to judge the speed and depth of what you see. A person without binocular vision will have difficulty doing so. This may lead to problems with simple tasks, such as judging the speed of a vehicle, pouring liquids into a container, or walking up and down a flight of stairs. These tasks are difficult if you only have one functioning eye. Judging depth is not particularly good if you use only one eye. Even if each eye sees a view differently, your brain will combine the two views to let you see one view in 3D.


The Advantages


Studies show that having binocular vision has many benefits. Appreciating the good things that you get from this type of vision can motivate you to care for your eye health even more. Your binocular vision is crucial in performing daily tasks. Below are the advantages it gives you:

  • It enlarges your field of vision. You can see in front and beside you. This allows you to react better to danger or avoid obstacles. It also allows you to see if someone is trying to get your attention from your side

  • It gives you a good depth perception

  • It provides you with a single, unified vision

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