MiSight 1-Day Lenses for Myopia Management

Myopia, better known as nearsightedness, is the single most common reason why people wear glasses. People who have myopia can see nearby objects clearly, but anything that is further away will appear increasingly more blurred. It occurs when there is an issue with the way that light passes through the eyes and, while it can start at any age, children are particularly vulnerable. In fact, some studies have found that the number of children with myopia has doubled in the last 50 years. It’s also a progressive condition, which means that unless you take steps to get it under control, it will get worse.


People who have myopia usually wear prescription eyewear to correct their vision. Glasses are the most popular option, but contact lenses are just as effective. Adults with the condition may even be suitable candidates for laser vision correction. However, children aren’t able to take advantage of laser vision techniques until they reach at least 18 years old.


While treating myopia is fairly straightforward, it’s also important to take steps to prevent it from getting any worse. Research has found that the worse someone’s myopia is, the more likely they are to develop complications with their vision in the future. These include some sight-threatening conditions like macular degeneration and a detached retina.


Fortunately, eye experts have developed treatments to help keep myopia under control. One of these is MiSight® 1-day lenses.


What are MiSight® 1-day contact lenses?

MiSight® 1 Day contact lenses are specifically designed for children to not only correct their vision, giving them exceptional clarity while they wear them, but to also slow the progression of short-sightedness.


These soft, daily disposable lenses look, behave, and feel just like conventional contact lenses, but feature ActivControl® technology. This technology creates a special optical focus that safely and non-invasively slows the process that causes myopia to progress. This will make sure that your child’s myopia is kept under control and is able to progress much more slowly. In doing so, it significantly reduces their risk of experiencing high myopia in the future, and any of the complications that are associated with it. This includes glaucoma, myopic macular degeneration, cataracts, and retinal detachment.


Patients who wear MiSight® contact lenses, and their parents, can also enjoy all of the other benefits that are associated with contact lens use. These include:


  • No need to have glasses that could affect their appearance or cause them to experience teasing at school


  • Greater freedom to participate in sports, which could otherwise be compromised by needing to wear glasses (such as contact or high-impact sports)


  • No need to remember to take glasses with them to school, camps, sleepovers, etc.


  • Minimal maintenance


  • The choice to wear fashion rather than prescription sunglasses


  • Greater confidence in their appearance


MiSight® contact lenses can typically be used by children aged 8 and over. However, there is no legal age limit and your eye doctor will be able to assess your child’s suitability based on their own individual merits.



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