5 Ways to Prevent Dry Eye in the Summer

Summer is the best season for many people due to its hot weather and beautiful skies. For many, it is about vacations, beaches, holiday trips, and long and short drives. Unfortunately for others, it is a constant reminder of dry eyes that feel itchy, gritty, burning, and uncomfortable. Below are five ways to help you prevent dry eye in the summer so you can enjoy the season.


Watch Your Diet

Altering what you eat can play a significant role in your eye lubrication. Omega-3 fatty acids produce tears. It exists in some foods naturally. However, you can also take its supplements from a pharmacy near you. 

The best fatty acids that help in tear production are palm oil, flaxseed oil, fish oil, and soybean oil. You can find them in foods such as eggs, walnuts, chia seeds, and fish. You can make a perfect meal during summer by grilling some tuna or salmon to ease any eye discomfort. If you incorporate such meals into your diet, you can create more tears to lubricate your eyes.


Protect Your Eyes

The ultraviolet rays from the sun can harm your eye health. Ideally, always wear a pair of UV protection sunglasses for your eye protection. The sun can cause your eyes to dry out. Its harmful rays can cause conditions like cataracts.

You can also protect your eyes from various irritants prevalent during summer. Another way to do this is by washing your hands every time before you touch your eyes. Eye irritation hinders the lubrication of the eyes and the release of some fatty acids.


Be Careful About Your Environment

Many things in your environment during summer can dry out your eyes. You can take measures such as avoiding cigarettes, fires, and cigars. Stay away from forced-out air like the one that comes out of air conditioners. The heat may cause you to have your air conditioner running more than usual. You can avoid this by keeping your windows open.

Avoid exposing your eyes to a lot of wind. If you ride a bike or go for a run, wear glasses to shield your eyes from windy conditions that can dry out your eyes.


Hydrate and Lubricate

Your tear quantity and quality determine how lubricated your eyes are. When outdoors during the hot weather, drink plenty of fresh water for optimum body hydration. Doing so will let your eyes and body perform at their peak.

Artificial tears can also lubricate your eyes if they start feeling dry and irritated. You can get this solution at any local pharmacy to supplement the lubrication of your eyes. 


Rest Your Eyes

Summertime is ideal for leisure. Hence, most people do more activities like online shopping, watching TV, and reading. While your mind and body relax as you do such activities, give your eyes a break. Avoid straining your eyes as they will dry very fast. Rest them and allow them some time to lubricate.

If you have dry eyes, it is a good idea to consult your eye doctor at Houston Dry Eye Clinic about the problem. Do so if your symptoms persist for more than a day. Your specialist will diagnose the source of the problem to get you the appropriate treatment.

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