Color Blindness Tests

  • Take our online color blindness tests to determine if you may have color blindness. If you think you may have color blindness, come in for a full exam and ask about corrective lenses for color blindness.

    Each image is a separate test. Click the image for its answer.

    images/colorblindness/plate1a.gif images/colorblindness/plate2a.gif images/colorblindness/plate3a.gif images/colorblindness/plate4a.gif images/colorblindness/plate5a.gif images/colorblindness/plate6a.gif images/colorblindness/plate7a.gif images/colorblindness/plate8a.gif images/colorblindness/plate9a.gif images/colorblindness/plate10a.gif images/colorblindness/plate11a.gif images/colorblindness/plate12a.gif