Want Better Vision Without Surgery? Ask About Ortho-K... Ortho-K is gentle & non-surgical.


Would you like freedom from eyeglasses? You may be a candidate for contact lenses. Some of Dr. Panzer’s specialty contact lens brands includes X-Chrome, Wave, SynergEyes, Ciba Focus Night and Day, Scleral Lenses, Ortho-K, Bifocals, and Hand Painted Lenses.
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Dr. Panzer recommends a yearly exam for everyone! During your eye examination by Dr. Panzer, tests are conducted using special equipment to assess general eye health and detect abnormal vision conditions or eye diseases.
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Dr. Panzer’s large inventory of quality frames, including popular brand names, makes it easy to choose something to suit your style and budget. Dr. Panzer also provides various selections of single vision, bi-focal, various progressive lenses, and Rx and non-Rx sunglass lenses.
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Doctor, your professionalism is astounding, your open arm policy is refreshing and your attitude is to the point. The Physicians oath you were required to take upon receiving your license to practice, I can honestly say, you walk the walk, not talk the talk.

S.D. Johnson

I have meant to tell you how much your dry eye meds have helped me. After suffering with dry eye for many years, my eyes had reached a point of such discomfort that I thought I was going to lose my mind…From myself and others like me that you have under your care, thank you so much!


I was very pleased with my visit. It isn’t often that a doctor actually takes the time to explain things and do a thorough examination. Thanks.


Thank you so much for the care that you have given to me over the many years we have known each other. I also appreciate the wonderful care you have given my family, having two daughters with juvenile diabetes has definitely been a challenge. I and they are extremely fortunate to know their eye care is in such good hands.